Having Problems With Windows 10 - Here Is Where To Start

So you have installed Windows 10 but :

  • Things are not working how you would like 
  • Things have gone missing


  • You need some more information on Windows 10 

Well Microsoft have a great support page for all your Windows 10 issues

Windows Help

And Windows Central 

Windows 10 help, tips and tricks

And for those having issues with the Start Menu & Cortana

Troubleshoot problems opening the Start menu or Cortana

10 Tips About Windows 10 And Making The Move

Windows 10

July 29th is the cutoff for upgrading to Windows 10 for free ( they will not be charging after , by the way ) so here are 10 tips for you to consider.

  1. Windows 8 - 8.1 - make the move - Windows 8 - 8.1 was horrible for the average user
  2. Windows 7 - you will still be supported till January 2020 - there is no rush if all is working for you
  3. You can stop the upgrade to Windows 10 and the nagging from Microsoft - GWX Control Panel - Never 10 
  4. Uninstall your brand name antivirus - it can cause issues during the upgrade
  5. If your hard drive has issues - the upgrade may not work - you may need a new hard drive
  6. If you have malware virus infections on your computer - the upgrade to Windows 10 may not work 
  7. If you have " mystery " " bogus" 3rd party programs on your computer - the upgrade to Windows 10 may not work and can cause issues afterwards 
  8. Some of your older programs can disappear as they not be compatible with Windows 10 
  9. Backup your data - you should do this anyway - before making the upgrade
  10. It takes time - if it appears frozen when doing the upgrade be aware that i had one upgrade take 26 hours - be patient 

Telstra - AGL- Cryptolocker Email Examples

ransomware crypto

People in Adelaide have fallen for these emails which purportedly come from AGL & Telstra (they do not ) .

By clicking on the links you will be infected with Cryptolocker.

I have been swamped with calls since these emails have started to arrive on computers.

If you get any of these emails just delete them as clicking the links will result in your drives being encrypted and a ransom asked for the encryption key.

More information on Cryptolocker can be found here  , including how to prevent it , but remember to have an offline backup.

Ransomware - Cryptolocker - It Is Getting Worse

Have You Checked For Windows Updates This Week ?

Windows update

This week Microsoft have released a plethora of Windows Updates and as i keep telling everyone remember ,

Windows updates are your first line of defence

In the battle to prevent malware / virus infection

Windows updates are only automatic in Windows 10 and in other versions of Windows you do need to check.

If Windows updates are not installing then you have an issue / issues that need to be fixed.

Microsoft , this morning also released a critical update to combat , you again , a problem with Adobe Flash details of which can be found in the link below.

Download This: There's a Security Update Addressing an Issue With Adobe Flash

adobe flash

Apple Announcements From WWDC 14th June & Microsoft Made Announcements As Well

macos sierra

I am always at a loss as to why companies make announcements when Apple do as they invariably get swamped by the Apple publicity machine.

So today Apple at their WWDC made some major announcements with links to their pages on the Apple website below:

iOS 10
macOS Sierra
watchOS 3
tvOS 10
Swift Playgrounds

I am looking forward to the announcements but am excited about the Swift Playgrounds which should encourage more children to code 

If you would like to watch the keynote from this morning but don't have the time MacRumors have posted a "Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2016 in 7 Minutes" video

Microsoft also announced :

A new X Box - The X Box One S 

Project Scorpio - the next generation console - which will not be out for a while


Microsoft bought Linkedin for a large amount of money with PC Mag coming up with the best reason i have seen today.

Why Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, in one word: Cortana