Get Rid Of The Crap On A New PC

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PC Decrapifier.png

Many new computer's come with software and trial versions of software that you will never use or need.

Some examples are:

  • MSN Toolbar
  • Ask Toolbar
  • Norton Online Backup
  • Acer Registration
  • Activate Norton Online Backup
  • PDF Complete
  • eBay Worldwide
  • Skype Toolbars
  • HP Advisor
  • Bing Bar

This is software that you should never have on your computer.

Well install and run PC Decrapifier

This will remove these and many more programs that you will never need and give your new computer a good clean start.

Changing Your Antivirus - What To Do & What I Recommend

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Microsoft Security Essentials .png

So you have decided to change antivirus software on your computer , here is what you should do.

First make sure you thoroughly remove your current anti virus on your computer.

Your antivirus solution can be un-installed from the Programs section in your Control Panel however some remnants may remain so you need to go to the manufacturers site and look for a removal tool which will remove all remnants of the software.

I have included some links below for popular anti virus solutions.

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Kaspersky Removal Tool

AVG Removal Tool

After removal reboot and proceed to install your new anti-virus solution.

The two I recommend are : 

The FREE solution : Microsoft Security Essentials   - please note , I do not recommend AVG 

For a paid solution ESET / NOD32 a powerful antivirus solution that does a great job without slowing your computer down or Norton , Kaspersky, Trend solutions.

Remember to stay " infection free " it is all about - "what you do" as the antivirus solution may not save you and remember to follow my 10 Steps For A Virus Free Computer "

Free Microsoft Office For Students & Teachers - Superfish - Crap App Of The Week

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office 365

Microsoft have announced that Office 365 will be free for students and teachers with an eligible school email address.

This will give them the full Office 365 experience.

Once signed up for Office 365 you get:

  • The latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher installed on up to five PCs or Macs and up to five mobile devices like iPad, Android and Windows tablets.
  • 1TB of storage on OneDrive you can use to store and share all your documents across all your devices.

Follow this Microsoft link to sign up

Lenovo & Superfish

For details on this : Click here

Crap App Of The Week

iBeer – for those that want a beer but not want to drink a beer 

Puts a virtual beer on the screen that you can "drink" by tipping your phone toward your mouth. You can buy additional types of beer if you want, but don't worry about your blood-alcohol level going up.

iOS Link

Android Link