4 Android Security Tips To Try & Keep You Safe

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The words Android and security sometimes don't go together as the user is usually the weakest link.

So here are four tips to aid in keeping you safe.

Number 1

Check for updates to Android

You will find this in Settings and About Device then select Software Update

Make sure you update under wifi only - this will save you data

Updates are sent down to PROTECT you , don't ignore them.

Number 2

Keep your Apps updated

Go to the Google Play Store icon on your device , look for the " hamburger menu " select " My Apps "and press Update 

Updates are done to apps to keep you safe and make them perform effectively

Number 3

Get your apps from the Google Play Store not third party websites then you will have "some " guarantee that the apps you have installed maybe safe.

Number 4 

If you are running Android version 3 or less you may want to buy another phone as updates to your smartphone may never appear which means you will be vulnerable to security risks such as Stagefright.

You should be looking at smartphones that run Lollipop 

If you want to know whether your smartphone is susceptible to Stagefright , download Ziperium from the Google Play Store 

So Do I Like The New iPhone6s Plus ? Plus Some Tips

Apple today announced that they sold 13 million new iPhones in the last 3 days 

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been out since friday and I have been putting it through its paces.

So here is my" pocket" review.

It's great and quick , very quick , app switching is seamless with no lag. The new 3D touch is a welcome edition and once you start using it you appreciate this addition to the operating system.

The new 12mp isight camera gives superb images and the 5MP front facing camera is a welcome upgrade.

The new " Hey Siri " feature where you can ask Siri to dial people or do any number of tasks on your phone also works extremely well. To activate this just train Siri to your voice.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus - It's All About The Camera


Our smartphones are now for many our camera of choice and the new iPhone6s & 6s Plus have had a marked improvement in the camera with a 12Mp iSight camera and a 5MP front facing camera.

More stunning detail in every single pixel.
The iSight camera captures beautiful 12-megapixel still photos. But great photos aren’t just measured in megapixels. That’s why we’ve added a state-of-the-art sensor, a new image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, Focus Pixels, improved local tone mapping, and optical image stabilization.1 What does that all mean? It means we’ve taken care of the technology. All you have to do is find something beautiful and tap the shutter button for the best, most awe-inspiring photos you’ve ever taken.
— http://www.apple.com/iphone-6s/cameras/
Lights. 4K camera. Action.
The game-winning shot. The impromptu dance party. The first ride without training wheels. Some things are meant for video. Now you can record those moments in resolution that’s four times higher than HD video. You can zoom in on those 8 million pixels while you’re shooting or playing your 4K videos. And with iPhone 6s Plus, optical image stabilization is now available for videos in addition to photos. So you can shoot smooth, beautiful videos in lower light.
— http://www.apple.com/iphone-6s/cameras/

Reviews are starting to appear for the iPhone6S & 6S Plus :

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Photos Taken with the new iPhone can be found here :

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iPhone 6S - 3D Touch - Peek & Pop

iPhone 6s

Apple announced “the next generation of Multi-Touch”: 3D Touch at their recent event.

The feature is part of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S plus which is released on friday the 26th Sept.

The feature is a version of the pressure-sensitive Force Touch feature that Apple introduced with the Apple Watch and then incorporated into the trackpads of its latest MacBooks.

3D Touch will sense familiar gestures like taps, swipes, and pinches, but is also able to determine the depth of a press.

That enables new gestures which Apple calls Peek and Pop that give you a new way of interacting with your iPhone and the apps on it.

For example if you are sent an email with an address in it a 'light touch" on the address will give you a "peek" at the map but a more solid push / tap now will allow the map to "pop" into view.

Another example is if you are sent the link to a website , you can press lightly to "Peek" at the page without leaving the screen that you’re on, and the top of the page will appear like it would in Safari.  If you want to open the full page in Safari,  just press more deeply to "Pop" into it.

When it comes to photos , Apple’s new 3D Touch gestures will enable you to view the photos you’ve taken while you’re still taking new images.

Just press lightly on the thumbnail image at the lower left corner of the Camera app to "Peek "into a photo, or press deeper to "Pop" into a photo and share, edit, favourite, or delete the image.


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Buying A New iPhone - The Best & Quickest Way To Back Up & Restore

iPhone 6s

Looking to buy the new iPhone 6s or 6s plus this friday and want to transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone in the quickest way , while retaining all your data and settings, well do an encrypted backup on iTunes.

This will ensure that your passwords , apps and all your data are copied over.

Just plug your old iPhone into your computer and put put a tick in " encrypted backup " , enter a password ( make sure you remember it ) and let it back your iPhone up.

When it has finished get your new iPhone , plug it in and iTunes will ask you the usual questions for a new phone but one will be :

Do you want to restore from a backup ?

Yes you do and just restore from your last encrypted backup ( it will ask you for the password ) and your new iPhone will be loaded with all your data and apps including your passwords from your old iPhone guarding your sensitive information.

iPhone backup

Just a reminder that I will be at the Telstra Store Mt Barker this friday the 25th between 8.30 - 5.30 

iOS9 Is Here For iPhones & iPads - What Are The Key Features

ipad iphone ios9

iOS 9 was released this morning 

Lots of changes in Apples operating system for portable devices and this time the download is only 1.3GB.

So what are the key new features

Low Power Mode

This  setting that can be activated at any time to extend your iPhone or iPad’s battery life. 

Low Power Mode will disable things like background app refresh, automatic downloads and mail fetch in order to extend battery life as much as possible. You will be reminded when a device’s remaining charge reaches 20% and then 10% to provide quick access to Low Power Mode, and it can also be enabled at any time in Settings > Battery.

A Back Button

In the top-left corner of the screen you will see anytime you jump from one app to another. So for example, if you click a link in an email that opens a web page in Safari, you’ll see a back button appear in the corner that will take you back to Mail.


You can see when shift is activated on your keyboard because the letters on the keyboard finally switch better lower case and upper case.


Siri becomes proactive, providing users with key information and helpful suggestions before they even ask.

Siri can also handle a much wider range of queries and requests.

Split View

For iPad users we now have split view which allows you to open two apps at a time, side by side.

There’s also Slide Over that lets you open an app in one-third of the screen to interact with it quickly and then close it back to the background.

Picture in Picture

There’s one more great iPad-only feature in iOS 9 you need to know about, and it also only works on newer iPads.

With iOS 9, you can continue watching a video or using FaceTime while in another app by enabling this nifty feature. As is the case when you active picture in picture on a TV, the second picture is minimized to a tiny box so it doesn’t block the other app you’re using.


Notes has been completely overhauled with lots of new functionality. Photos can be taken from within the app and you can add text,  draw and sketch in the Notes app., and you can even quickly and easily turn any list into a checklist.

Also great is the Notes app’s new share  sheet, which lets you embed websites, photos, maps and more in a Note without ever leaving the app you’re in.

Below are 2 reviews of IOS 9 from iMore and The Verge