Links In SMS - You Need To Stop Clicking Them

SMS Messages

There is a new scam or a variation of an old scam floating around which will claim that your Apple ID password needs to be reset.

Do not click that link.

In fact do not click SMS links in general that may take you to third party sites such as banking SMS links that say there is an issue with your account.

Banks will not use this and if you believe there is an issue with your account - phone the bank and if you believe there maybe an issue with your Apple ID , logon to check your Apple ID at Apple to check.

These scams are designed to get your personal details , passwords etc 

apple id phising

Do You Need A Paid Antivirus Solution ?

Richard Pascoe On Channel 7 News

Selecting an antivirus solution is a bit like a lawyer when you get in trouble , if you cannot afford one , one will be supplied for you.

Yes there are Free Solutions some of which I like and some I do not and ones that will let you down.

Remember that it is your actions that will cause you to get infected with virus and malware.

  • You do not keep your operating system up to date
  • You do not keep your software up to date 
  • You run an outdated operating system - outdated software
  • You browse to an unsafe webpage that has infected ads on it 
  • You click a link in an email that is fake
  • You download from "so-called " free sites - movies / tv / software - they will invariably come with infections 

Lastly is the fact that you run as an administrator which means if you perform the above actions or just one of them that can result in infection because you were an admin you have given permission for the infection to run.

The antivirus is the last thing in the list for you , that you have done everything wrong that it maybe able to get you out of trouble.

Be aware that in many cases it will not.

On my Windows 10 Surface Book I just use Defender from Microsoft because i know what to do to not get infected.

Some will need to get a paid solution because they do a bit more but remember paid or free it is your actions that count.

More information can be found here: Virus & Malware Prevention





Quicktime For Windows - It Is Time To Go


Quicktime will be on many peoples Windows computers as it is usually installed as part of iTunes , however Apple will no longer be supporting it.

This means it becomes a security issue for Windows users , which is so serious that the US government want you to uninstall it. 

Apple Ends Support For Quicktime For Windows

Computer systems running unsupported software are exposed to elevated cybersecurity dangers, such as increased risks of malicious attacks or electronic data loss. Exploitation of QuickTime for Windows vulnerabilities could allow remote attackers to take control of affected systems.

So how do you uninstall it ?

Go into the Control Panel - Programs and features - then locate Quicktime , then uninstall.

uninstall quicktime

2 Countdowns To Consider For Windows Users

Windows vista

Windows Vista

Windows Vista will reach end of life on April 11th 2017 - 357 days to go - that is less than 1 year away - when Microsoft will stop support for this operating system.

This means no more Windows updates and already we are seeing support for many pieces of software not working.

If you were to consider upgrading your Windows Vista computer to Windows 10 , check compatibility first as it will have to be wiped ( don't forget to backup first ) before loading Windows 10.

It would be preferable in most cases to buy a new computer.

Windows 10

If you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 for FREE you have until July 29th which is only 102 days away.

There has been no announcement whether Microsoft will continue the free period but the common thought appears to be no.

Remember if you are updating make sure :

  • You are free from malware and virus infections
  • You backup before you do upgrade
  • You uninstall your antivirus before you update

If you do not want to install Windows 10 or the nagging ad consider:

GWX Control Panel

Never 10

Windows 10 message

Adobe Flash - It's Time To Go

adobe flash issues

Adobe constantly have security issues with their 2 major products Reader ( for PDFs ) and Flash.

Adobe Flash is really something you can do without , so uninstall it.

Google Chrome has built in Flash so any websites that still use this ( God only knows why ! ) can be viewed with this browser , this is much safer.

So How Do You Uninstall It ?

Go to your Control Panel - Open up Programs - look for Adobe Flash and just uninstall it.