Is Your Website Mobile Friendly - You Need To Make Sure By April 21st

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Google will change how they rank websites from April 21st 

"Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices."

So to see if your website passes the " Mobile Friendly " test you can enter the URL at this site from Google 

Google Mobile Friendly Test 


Adelaide Techguy On Today Tonight - Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

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Please find below my review of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 as seen on Today Tonight that was filmed at the Telstra store in Pirie St , Adelaide 

App Of The Week


Do you need to take medicine every day?

Do you need a reminder to keep you on track ?

The app MediSafe allows you to keep track of all medicines you need to take, and allows other users of the app to give you a reminder when you need it.

The Medisafe app allows you to enter the list of medications you need to take and on what schedule.

Each time you take your medication, you log the entry in the app.

If your friends or family use the app, you can set it to show them when you’ve taken them and, more importantly, they can see when you haven’t.

Medisafe Link for iTunes

Medisafe Link For Google Play 

Stop Believing Bogus Phone Calls

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I am being contacted by at least one person a week that has fallen for the phone call which claims they are from Microsoft / Apple / Telstra saying there is a problem with your computer.

They then give them remote access to the computer ( would you let a stranger in the front door and go rummaging through your personal possessions )  and give them credit card details.

Giving remote access to your computer results in malware being installed by these bogus companies and this will need to be cleaned out.

In a lot of cases they can access your details , clean out your bank  account , gain personal information.

If you are having issues with your computer get proper help , not from someone over the phone who randomly rings you and who's credentials you cannot check.

Check out this posting from SA Police

Sa Police news.png

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Maybe The Best Phone Samsung Have Made

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I was able to have a quick test of the Samsung Galaxy S6 this morning thanks to Telstra and was very impressed.

The fit and feel of the phone is superior to last years Galaxy S5 is far less plastic than previous models.

The phone is quick and responsive with a great screen and it is running Android Lollipop.

There is less of the Samsung software than I have seen on any Samsung device and comes with a suite of Google Apps and is Microsoft ready for those with an Office 365 account.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available tomorrow morning from Telstra stores including my favourite store at the Mt Barker Shopping Centre.

Remember to discuss the plan that suits you with the Telstra staff as many plans now include additional data.

I will put up a more comprehensive review after I have tested one for a week.

Also checkout the speed that can be achieved using the Telstra 4GX network in one of the photos above.

Suggestions If You Are Suffering from Slow Internet Speed

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internet speed

If your internet speed appears slow here are some things to check

First test your internet speed at – broadband is anything from 3Mbps and up

Contact your provider – ask your provider to check your line and plan – some people are on old plans that may give them a better speed and increased download

Look at your router – the box that connects via a phone line – the 2 lights that you are interested in are the adsl light and the internet light.

A flashing ADSL light may indicate a problem with the phone line – if this happens repeatedly it can be the router or the line coming in.

If there are lots of devices and computers at your home then you may need to swap routers to one of the new wireless AC routers which can handle multiple connections to the internet a lot better than older routers and send the wifi signal further in your home or office.

If you connect via a portable wireless device , look at your provider , not all devices or providers are created equal and if you live in a mobile blackspot , connecting via wireless is not a great idea.

If you have malware this can greatly interfere with your internet connection

Pray that the NBN is rolled out to your suburb soon - You can check your address at this link