Photo Questions - Import & Backup


I am constantly asked questions about photos and devices ( cameras , smartphones , tablets ) , so here are the top questions I am asked.

How do I import photos in Windows ?

When you plug in your device , Windows should see your device and give you options to import.I have always found that " Import pictures and videos using Windows " is the best but depending on the software you will be given several options.

You also get the option to tag and import into a folder that you can designate.

When you have decided on the location and details just hit the import button.

If you open up " Autoplay " in the control panel you can designate the default import software.

How do I import photos on a Mac ?

When you plug in your device , Photos or the older iPhoto should recognise your device and offer to import photos.

You can also use " Image Capture" located in the Applications folder 

Plug in your device , start Image Capture and then select the pictures you want to import.

How do I import photos from an Android Device ?

Google handle this very well and here is a full list of how to :8 easy ways to transfer photos off your Android smartphone

What Apps can I use on my devices ( smartphones , tablets )

  • Dropbox
  • One Drive
  • Google Photos ( my favourite ) - Google Photos Help a set and forget way to back up your photos

Editing Software For Photos

The best value for editing photos for top end photographic effects is Adobe Photoshop which is available with Adobe Lightroom for just $9.99 a month with the Creative Cloud subscription.

If you are looking for something not as heavy duty , try Adobe Photoshop Elements

Cryptolocker - Could You Get It & Can You Prevent It


Cryptolocker is a ransomware trojan that targets windows computers and is activated and run when people click and run an infected email attachment.

The most common one in Australia is the Australia Post email attachment 

Cryptolocker Aust Post

After clicking this link your files will be encrypted ( you cannot access your files unless you have the encryption key ) and you have choices:

  • Pay the ransom - only and only if you have not backed up and there is NO guarantee you will get the key to open your files
  • Wipe your computer and reinstall from a known good copy of Windows , this will have to be even if you pay the ransom and get access to your files 
  • Restore your files from a backup ( you do backup, dont you ) after you have wiped your computer and reinstalled from a known good copy of Windows 

Can you STOP your computer getting Cryptolocker ?

Yes with two choices

You can run Cryptoprevent , there is a FREE edition

There is information on the new Malwarebytes AntiRansomware software which you can download from here

Malwarebytes AntiRansomware software

Stop Opening & Clicking Links In These Sort Of Emails

Email Phishing

Clicking links in emails or answering these sort of emails is a recipe for disaster – they are Scams designed to get your details both personal and financial.

  • Parcel delivery confirm the details with Australia Post – you will get Cryptolocker
  • Paypal – your account has been limited
  • The domain name you own has a similar one in asia ,you need to buy this
  • Women / men are interested in you after seeing your profile on skype / google
  • Your free gadget is waiting for collection , click here
  • A supermarket voucher worth $35 - $50 is waiting for you by clicking and signing up
  • Tax refunds waiting for you / Money tailored for you / We have 30 million dollars waiting for you
  • Buying stocks in African mining companies
  • SEO experts with outlook/gmail addresses
  • Anything from the FBI or Western Union , anything to do with them
  • Complete the survey and get a $50 gift card ( if you give them your credit card details )
  • Your banking password has changed ,( no it has not ) Your ATM payment / transaction was wrong ,( no it is not )
  • Cheap drugs through the mail
  • A new banking system has been established , make more money , these will become more prolific as the interest rate stays down targeting retirees.
  • A new gambling on the horses system , buy this computer for $8000 ( Don’t )
  • Did you hear about Emma , she makes $7000 a month from home , click here ( Don’t )
  • 6 minutes a day to being skinny
  • I won $1 million dollars from Coca – Cola
  • Mystery shopper assignment , read this and get back to us – don’t
  • Travel at unbelievable prices / Handbags at unbelievable prices /Win an Apple watch
  • Inheritance of any amount of money
  • Your Apple ID , Microsoft ID , Google ID has been accessed / needs to be reset
  • You have a new voicemail , click in this email to here it – (no you don’t)

Entering Credit card details or banking details is a recipe for disaster and being asked to update your account information – anywhere , just say no , don’t do this

internet scam

Which Computer Brands Are Selling Around The World ?

People are curious as to which brands of computers are selling and how sales are progressing or in 2015 not progressing.

Sales dropped below the 300 million unit mark for the first time since 2008.

IDC’s chart, which includes sales of desktops, notebooks, Chromebooks, ultraslim notebooks and workstations, but not tablets or handhelds

IDC Sales Chart

The above table is good news for Apple with a 6.2% rise over last year but lets remember it's all about tablets and smartphones for many around the world now 

Your Phone May Crash If You Have Tapped This Link


Be careful of links in Twitter and other social media sites that may not appear what they seem.

People are being sent to a site that will crash Safari and Chrome on your iPhone and Android phone - the sites are CrashSafari and CrashChrome but you will not know you have been sent there as the urls have been shortened.

Safari and Chrome will not work afterwards and you will have to reboot your phone 

More information can be found here:Don’t Tap That Link! This Website Will Crash Your Phone