Microsoft Have Changed And That Is Good News For All

This week Microsoft announced premium devices and with the announcement have shown that Microsoft is changing and that is good new for all of us.

Apple have always been the premium company in the technology sector but with the release of the new Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book , two premium devices that show their business partners what is possible to build a premium device , Microsoft have demonstrated that they have turned a very important corner to remain relevant in the face of competition.

Windows 10 has shown that Microsoft have listened and adapted to the criticism of Windows 8 from its users and is a good operating system that will only improve further as it changes and Office 365 is a far better experience for Office users and with Office 2016 another great step forward.When we combine this with the premium devices that Microsoft are making it demonstrates that a company that appeared to have lost its way with consumers is back and that makes for great competition in the technology sector and with competition in this sector we , as consumers , all win.

For Android Users - The Next Stagefright Is Here


The "next" Stagefright is here putting more than a billion Android smartphones and tablets at risk of being compromised by new bugs if their owners even just preview video or audio files that have been specially crafted to exploit the vulnerability

This has arrived before the original Stagefright  has been patched on Android devices - here is a link to my original Stagefright post 

Security issues on Android are a problem. "Depending on the type, they can let attackers run programs of their own choosing on a computing device, gain access to sensitive documents, monitor network traffic, listen to keyboard activity, turn on a webcam or turn a computing device into a tool that launches attacks on other devices."

Will This Be Patched ?

Google, tries to set a good example by issuing security updates to its Nexus family of devices.

However compared to Apple's iOS operating system, which powers its iPhones and iPads, the Android market is more vulnerable to security holes , due to the variety of makers and the versions of Android in the market.

Android phones get software updates slowly and in some cases , never. As Android phone makers such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony and LG, are all responsible for their own software updates.

Both Google and many smartphone makers have committed to monthly security updates - just like Microsoft.

What Can You Do ?

Do not go to sites on your phone offering video and audio files that appear to be from less than reputable sites

Check if you have an update on your phone - it's in the settings 

If your Android phone is a few years old you may want to consider a new phone as you may never get an update

Are You Vulnerable ?

There is an app called Stagefright detector from Zimperium that will tell you whether your device is vulnerable 


If you are vulnerable check for updates to Android on your smartphone and be just a bit more careful.

What To Do When Your Computer Suddenly Talks To You When Browsing

Computer speaking

I have been contacted several times in the last few weeks with people claiming that their computer spoke to them urging them to ring a phone number as they have been infected on their computer.

This happens because you have :

  • Visited an infected web page or have malware on your computer 

So Should You Call The Number ? 

No , turns out you are calling the call centres that call households on a regular basis and they will try and extract money out of you by remote access , ( not a good thing ).

What Should You Do ?

If it still occurs then you may need to get someone to look at your computer 


If Edward Snowden Did Not Know - Maybe You Need To Know - Notifications

Yes we are talking about notifications ( every time someone does something on Facebook for example , you end up with an email ) that end up in your inbox from your social media accounts.

Edward Snowden ended up with 47gb of email notifications after he recently joined Twitter 

Twitter noob Snowden gets hammered with 47GB of notification emails

So how do you stop this happening ?


Open settings , look for Notifications in the left hand column and open 

Facebook Settings

From here you can adjust what notifications you will get from email / mobile , my advise is to turn most off as you can just go to Facebook when you want to see whats happening.

Facebook have advice on notifications at this link : Facebook Notifications

To adjust your Twitter notifications , go into your settings and then look for Email Notifications.

Twitter notifications

4 Android Security Tips To Try & Keep You Safe

android phone

The words Android and security sometimes don't go together as the user is usually the weakest link.

So here are four tips to aid in keeping you safe.

Number 1

Check for updates to Android

You will find this in Settings and About Device then select Software Update

Make sure you update under wifi only - this will save you data

Updates are sent down to PROTECT you , don't ignore them.

Number 2

Keep your Apps updated

Go to the Google Play Store icon on your device , look for the " hamburger menu " select " My Apps "and press Update 

Updates are done to apps to keep you safe and make them perform effectively

Number 3

Get your apps from the Google Play Store not third party websites then you will have "some " guarantee that the apps you have installed maybe safe.

Number 4 

If you are running Android version 3 or less you may want to buy another phone as updates to your smartphone may never appear which means you will be vulnerable to security risks such as Stagefright.

You should be looking at smartphones that run Lollipop 

If you want to know whether your smartphone is susceptible to Stagefright , download Ziperium from the Google Play Store 

So Do I Like The New iPhone6s Plus ? Plus Some Tips

Apple today announced that they sold 13 million new iPhones in the last 3 days 

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been out since friday and I have been putting it through its paces.

So here is my" pocket" review.

It's great and quick , very quick , app switching is seamless with no lag. The new 3D touch is a welcome edition and once you start using it you appreciate this addition to the operating system.

The new 12mp isight camera gives superb images and the 5MP front facing camera is a welcome upgrade.

The new " Hey Siri " feature where you can ask Siri to dial people or do any number of tasks on your phone also works extremely well. To activate this just train Siri to your voice.