Stop Children Buying Apps On Your iOS Device

One of the constant questions i am asked is to address is the issue of children buying Apps and doing in-App purchases on iOS devices. 

Here is a Macworld article that clearly explains what you need to do:

How to stop kids buying iPad, iPhone apps & extras

Here is an article from Apple on how to:

Use Restrictions to prevent purchasing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


Secure Your Wireless Network Against Unwanted Intruders


You should lock down your wifi router to prevent people intruding on your network and taking your bandwidth and or data.

First you will need to log into your router by entering the routers IP address into your web browser.

You do this by connecting your router to your computer with a network cable then entering the address into a browser to access the router or over the wireless network it is attached to.

Most routers use an address like, or but
check your manual or Google to determine the correct IP address for your router.

Change The Router Passwords

First change the router passwords , default router passwords like "admin" are easy to remember, but are also common knowledge.
No password is perfect, however a better password can be used by combining numbers and letters and avoiding words from a dictionary.
Change your Wi-Fi password as well as your router administrator password

Next Change Your SSID ( your wireless network name)

Wireless network's have a name, known as Service Set ID (or SSID).

The simple act of changing that name discourages people from targeting you.

Wireless networks with default names such as "Belkin" will probably not have custom passwords or encryption.

Turn On WPA2 Encryption

Go into your wireless security settings and turn on WPA2 encryption with an appropriate password as I have discussed above.

Turn On MAC Filtering
Every device that accesses the Internet has a Media Access Control (MAC) address, which is a unique identifier composed of six pairs of alphanumeric characters , such as 05:0c:ce:e2:6c:28

You can limit your network to only accept specific devices by turning on MAC filtering, which is also a great tip for optimising your wireless network.

How do you find your MAC Address?

  • On Windows , open a command prompt by selecting Run from the Start Menu, type cmd and hitting Enter
  • Windows 7 , 8  users type cmd in the Start Menu search box.
  • You will now see a command prompt
  • Type ipconfig /all at the command prompt and press Enter to bring up your IP settings.

Your mac address will look like the following 05:0c:ce:e2:6c:28

Mac OS X, go to System Preferences and Click Network.

From there, Select "Wi-Fi" from the list in the left-hand column ("Airport" in Snow Leopard or earlier), then click "Advanced" , then look for the "Airport ID" or "Wi-Fi ID".

Smartphones , tablets , printers , check your manual or Google it.

Back Up Your Photos From Your Smartphone - Tablet

Backup smartphone photos

Do not lose your photos that you have taken on your smartphone or tablet - back them up to the internet.

There are enough apps available to ensure that this can occur , you just have to turn them on.

iPhones or iPads 

  • Turn on iCloud - 5 GB of space for free 
  • Install Dropbox App ( sign up for an account ) - 2GB of space for free 
  • Install OneDrive App ( sign up for an account ) - 30GB of space 
  • Install the Google + App ( you need a Google account ) 


  • Install the Google + App ( you need a Google account ) 
  • Install Dropbox App ( sign up for an account ) - 2GB of space for free 
  • Install OneDrive App ( sign up for an account ) - 30GB of space 

Android Instructions:Back up photos from a mobile device


  • Install OneDrive App ( sign up for an account ) - 30GB of space 

Remember to have a good password and turn on 2 factor authentication 

When Should I Check For Updates On My Windows Computer?

All Windows users should check their Windows Updates on the second wednesday of every month as this is referred to as " Patch Tuesday " in America by Microsoft.

Remember not all updates are done automatically so you need to manually check.

In Windows 8 just look in the control panel and there is a tab for Windows Update and check there.

You can do the same in Windows 7 or just go Start , All Programs , Windows Update.

5 Things You Should Ensure You Do For A Better Computing Experience


Do your Windows Updates , yes i know you have automatic turned on but you need to check for  the optional ones on a regular basis. 

You can find Windows Update in the Control Panel of all Windows operating systems


Update your software , Adobe Reader / Adobe Flash and if you use Java , that to. In fact if you can get away with not running Java , uninstall it.


Stop installing drive - by software  , if you are installing a new version of Adobe you don't need the McAfee Security Scanner , take the tick out and just install Adobe.


Stop installing toolbars that may enhance your browsing experience , they won't , and most will install malware in the background  


Do not install any program that promises to speed up your pc , speed up your internet , clean up your pc  . They do not work.

Windows Update.png