Looking to buy a Domain Name , Website Hosting and or an Email Package then buy them online by clicking here: Adelaide's Techguy Domain Store

Buying a domain starts at :

  • $59 for 2 years for a .com.au domain name
  • $29 a year for a .com domain name

We offer Wordpress installation on your site when you have bought selected hosting

If you are need to move your website from one host to ours please contact us for a quote 

Once registered with your domain names you will receive 2 logins

  • One for your account to handle renewals etc 
  • One to manage the website

You will first search for your domain by keying in your by going to the Adelaide Techguy Domain Store

Domain Search Adelaide Techguy

Then you will see if it is available and the options for other domains to help protect your brand as shown below because you may want a .com , .net etc  extension.

Available domain adelaide techguy

You can then add the different domains you may wish to purchase to your order

Checkout and hosting

Then proceed to checkout or add in hosting ( somewhere to have your website and emails)

Add in the contact email

Fill in your customer details 

Customer Details

Determine your business eligibility , as for ".com.au" names you need to have a business ID , either company or a registered business name and business number.  

Then proceed to checkout 

Make sure your email address , streets address are accurate

You will then receive an email saying your order is being processed.


I am an agent for TPP Wholesale who state on their site.

On the whole, we don’t offer many refunds. This is because we process domain name registrations in good faith at the request of your clients and we are usually unable to reverse the process. All annual subscriptions require manual confirmation of renewal unless auto-renewal has been turned on, so a refund isn’t usually necessary. All monthly subscriptions are renewed indefinitely until cancelled.

Make sure you buy what you only need and do your research