Computer & Printer Issues When They Are New - What Has Gone Wrong ?


Consumer agencies say they get lots of complaints about computers and printers – can this be true - It probably is - but in many cases it is the consumers fault - Why ?

They did not set them up properly or do not understand how to set them up


  • Sign in , do all your updates , add in your software , check for updates for software – now if you have an issue and it worked fine before you installed the software – have a look at that – especially if you are adding in “free” software or software from “ unknown sources


  • Turn them on – do not connect to the computer – follow the onscreen instructions
  • Go to the manufacturers website , download the up to date software from there , look for the web installer , follow the instructions – it will tell you how to connect – wifi or usb
  • Throw the CD they give you out the window - they are out of date