Why I Love Handbrake ?

Ever had a video file that you wanted to decrease in size to play on different devices then try Handbrake.

HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs so you can play the video on various devices.

Handbrake will convert video from nearly any format and it is Free and Open Source and Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Do You Struggle At Drawing - Have We Got A Site For You

Google have 2 sites to aid those of us who are artistcly challenged

QuickDraw - which will try and guess what you are drawing 

This is a game built with machine learning. You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing. Of course, it doesn’t always work. But the more you play with it, the more it will learn. It’s just one example of how you can use machine learning in fun ways.
— https://aiexperiments.withgoogle.com/quick-draw

AutoDraw - which will guess what you are trying to draw then offer you a better picture 

AutoDraw is a new kind of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast. There’s nothing to download. Nothing to pay for. And it works anywhere: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses the same technology used in QuickDraw, to guess what you’re trying to draw. Right now, it can guess hundreds of drawings and we look forward to adding more over time.
— https://aiexperiments.withgoogle.com/autodraw
Thoughts On Antivirus Software - Think Before You Click

The first question I hear from people is " Which Antivirus Should I Use "

So let me state software is not the only solution because people still need to engage the area between their ears before clicking or tapping on their devices.

Think before you click 

When we combine the two elements of thinking about what we are doing and software this can make for a marked improvement in device security.

There is no one solution that fixes and protects all.

I protect and use all of my Windows 10 devices with Defender and before that Security Essentials so between that and some good common-sense computing habits , such as using Google Chrome with an Adblocker , I have been well protected.

Dangerous Dridex Malware - Can Steal Your Banking Details

Users of Microsoft Word should check for updates this morning as there is a vulnerability that when opening a certain email that your banking details could be stolen and your computer infected with malware / virus.

This has started to appear in Australia and once again let me remind you not to open emails that you are not certain of and do not open and run attachments - especially of the word - Office variety.

Further details can be found here 

Dridex Campaigns Hitting Millions of Recipients Using Unpatched Microsoft Zero-Day

Microsoft Word 0-day used to push dangerous Dridex malware on millions

Ways To Stay Secure When Using Android

Lets look at ways to keep your Android phone / device secure

  1. Lock your phone – create a pin or use the fingerprint reader
  2. Practise using the Android Device Manager to locate your phone 
  3. Make sure the “ unknown sources “ is disabled in your Android settings as this will not allow you to install from “ third party sites “ that maybe shady
  4. Keep your phone updated , both apps from the Google Play Store and system updates
  5. Turn on Google Chromes Safe browsing feature in Chrome on your Android device and don’t use the other browsers -  To check if you’re already using it, just head over to the Settings -> Privacy menu in Chrome on Android.

Computer & Printer Issues When They Are New - What Has Gone Wrong ?

Consumer agencies say they get lots of complaints about computers and printers – can this be true - It probably is - but in many cases it is the consumers fault - Why ?

They did not set them up properly or do not understand how to set them up


  • Sign in , do all your updates , add in your software , check for updates for software – now if you have an issue and it worked fine before you installed the software – have a look at that – especially if you are adding in “free” software or software from “ unknown sources


  • Turn them on – do not connect to the computer – follow the onscreen instructions
  • Go to the manufacturers website , download the up to date software from there , look for the web installer , follow the instructions – it will tell you how to connect – wifi or usb
  • Throw the CD they give you out the window - they are out of date